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Testing Our Theories of Physics With Astronomical Transients

Starts at:Wed 13 Feb 2019, 14:00
Speaker:Iair ArcaviInstitute:Tel Aviv University

Abstract:Transients provide insights into various topics in physics and astrophysics. Namely, observations of tidal disruption events and neutron star mergers can test General Relativity, constrain theories of accretion physics, galaxy dynamics, and the nuclear equation of state, and probe the populations of supermassive black holes and neutron stars. I will describe recent advances in our detection and understanding of both these phenomena. We have discovered a new class of tidal disruptions of stars near supermassive black holes with observed properties that challenge the naive theoretical picture of such events. The recent discovery of the first kilonova from the merger of two neutron stars also had some surprises in store, with the very early emission likely containing important clues about the physics of neutron stars and their mergers, as well as their contribution to r-process nucleosynthesis. New transient surveys promise to discover more such events, providing additional tests to our understanding of these and other important processes.

Room:Seminarraum 0.01
Contact: Alexander Prostimkin