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Quantum Entanglement and Holographic Spacetime

Starts at:Fri 1 Mar 2019, 14:00
Speaker:Tadashi TakayanagiInstitute:Kyoto University

Abstract:In this colloquium, I would like to review a recently developed new interpreta
tion of gravitational spacetime in terms of quantum entanglement. The idea of
holography in string theory provides a simple geometric computation of entangl
ement entropy. This generalizes the well-known Bekenstein-Hawking formula of b
lack hoe entropy and strongly suggests that a gravitational spacetime consists
of many bits of quantum entanglement. This suggests an interpretation of surf
aces in gravitational spacetimes as quantum circuits.
I would like to explain these recent developments.

Room:lecture hall central building
Contact: Matthias Blittersdorf