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Finite-size effects in the large mass ratio limit

Starts at:Wed 20 May 2020, 14:00
Speaker:Vojtech WitzanyInstitute:Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sci

Abstract:Under this rather broad title I will present our recent analytical progress on spin effects and other finite size effects in the large mass ratio limit of the relativistic two-body problem. Most of the results are obtained by considering the generic motion of a spinning test particle near a Kerr black hole where, additionally, only effects to linear order in spin need to be computed. The discussion will include the formulation of the first law of (spinning) binary black hole mechanics in this limit, new fully analytical formulas for fundamental frequencies of motion using Hadamard partie finie, analytical computation of scattering of spinning test particles by black holes, and weighing all the other possible finite-size effects.

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Room:Virtual Seminar
Contact: Brit Holland