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Solvable irrelevant deformations on the lattice

Starts at:Tue 18 Feb 2020, 14:00
Speaker:Yunfeng JiangInstitute:CERN

Abstract:I will discuss two related works in this talk. The first work is on integrable bilocal deformations for integrable spin chains. I will point out that these deformations have exactly the same algebraic structure as TTbar deformation of quantum field theories (QFTs) and discuss some of their properties. The second work is devoted to the TTbar deformation of integrable QFTs under lattice regularization. I will propose an integrable deformation for the underlying lattice model such that in the continuum limit it becomes the TTbar deformation for the QFT. Several important aspects such as solvability and non-locality of TTbar deformation will be discussed based on this proposal.

Room:Seminarraum 0.01
Contact: Anika Rast