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Exceptional vs SuperPoincare Algebra as the the defining Symmetry of Maximal Supergravity

Starts at:Mon 22 May 2017, 11:00
Speaker:Lars BrinkInstitut:Chalmers University of Technology

Abstract:I will discuss exceptional symmetries in maximally supersymmetric supergravity theories. I do it in the light-cone gauge formulation where only the physical degrees of freedom are present. In d=4 both the maximal supersymmetry and the E_7 symmetries are symmetries of the Hamiltonian and both can be used to find the Hamiltonian. When we lift the theory to d=11 we find that again both symmetries are seemingly present but it takes field redefinitions to see them both. I will also show that E_8 is also spanned by the supermultiplet and should also be a symmetry of the maximally supersymmetric supergravity theories in any dimension.

Room:Seminarraum 0.01
Contact: Matin Mojaza