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M5-branes at singularities

Starts at:Mon 22 May 2017, 14:00
Speaker:Alessandro TomasielloInstitut:Milano

Abstract:The dynamics of M5-branes is one of the missing ingredients in string theory. We will describe some results about their behavior on orbifold singularities, obtained by looking at properties of the six-dimensional conformal theories that describe them. I will show how M5s can fractionate in certain cases, and how they can recombine by sometimes leaving behind a 'frozen' version of the singularity. In IIA and F-theory dual descriptions, there is also evidence for other processes where branes recombine in patterns associated to nilpotent orbits of Lie groups, with precise checks obtained by anomalies and moduli space dimensions.

Room:Seminarraum 0.01
Contact: Matin Mojaza