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New insights on binary black-hole spin precession

Starts at:Wed 17 Feb 2016, 14:00
Speaker:Davide GerosaInstitut:Cambridge University

Abstract:Spinning black-hole binaries are powerful (and promising) gravitational-wave sources. The dynamics of these systems is deeply characterized by a timescale hierarchy: the orbital timescale is very short compared to the spin-precession timescale which, in turn, is much shorter than the radiation-reaction timescale on which the orbit is shrinking due to gravitational-wave emission. We present innovative solutions of the spin dynamics which explicitly exploit such timescale separation. Our solutions improve our understanding of spin precession in much the same way that the conical sections for Keplerian orbits provide additional insights beyond Newton's 1/r^2 law. Results include the classification of spinning black-hole binaries into precessional morphologies and a newly discovered instability in binary black holes with aligned spins. I also present *precession*, a new open-source python module to perform post-Newtonian black-hole binary inspirals. More on PRL 114 (2015) 081103; PRD 92 (2015) 064016; PRL 115 (2015) 141102.

Room:Seminarraum 0.01
Contact: Anne Lampe